Access and Protect Your Most Sensitive Information!

While there is no way to stop identity theft completely, enrolling in a comprehensive monitoring and support service can help significantly reduce your risk. The Credit Score Choice Total Protection Plan helps you achieve peace of mind by providing these key elements of protection.

Spot Identity
Theft Early

Uncover Error in
Your Credit Reports

sleep better at night

Know Who is
Looking at Your Report

Stay on The Top
of Big Changes

1 in 4 People Get Hacked

Triple-Bureau Credit Report | Triple-Bureau Credit Scores | Daily Credit
Monitoring Credit Simulator | Identify Fraud Support Service | And Much More!

It only takes a few minutes to start
your protection and get all this

There are many ways for a criminal to steal your identity.
There is a new victim every 3.5 seconds so don't wait to get protected.

Credit Score Choice Delivers
When Other’s Don’t

ID Butler-Dedicated
Resolution Specialist

ID Butler is your personal concierge to assist in you time of need at all times. Our industry-leading protection covers you for lost wages, legal defense & expenses, and other costs associated with restoring your identity.

24/7 Daily Credit Identity
& Fraud Monitoring Alerts

We’ll alert you to any identified changes to your Experian, Equifax or TransUnion credit reports via email, text or mobile app. You’ll be notified within 24 hours whenever we detect a change in monitored data.

Credit Score
Monitoring Report

By knowing you have a team behind you to help in protecting your future, your score will be reviewed regularly to give you the sense of security needed to battle cyber criminals. Levels of Protection Security Granularity.

$1 Million Dollar Guarantee
with deductible with coverage for the following:

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Total Protection

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Our Guarantee with All Plans:

Risk Free Guarantee- $1 Million Product Guarantee
Restore your good name and credit if your identity is stolen.